Friday, September 2, 2011

New Superman Costume details.

So I've been posting alot about the upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel. I'm very interested in this project. Why? Because I'm honestly skeptical. I'm not a Zac Snyder fan and so I'm worried slightly. However, the project does have a lot of good going for it (strong cast, Christopher Nolan backing, script help from Dark Knight scribe Jonathon Nolan) so I'm fascinated to see where this ends up.
And right now is a good time to be interested. There have been lots of pictures coming from the set, the most important of which are some good close up shots of the new supersuit.
It was recently revealed that the new suit would not feature Superman's signature red "undies." And even more recenty, new pictures have surfaced online giving us a detailed look at the costume. Finally the speculation can end. Except that in all of these pictures, there's been a severe lack of cape (the portrait picture showing him with a cape has been photoshopped). I'm sure this is just because they're rehearsing, but some fanboys have already begun to speculate.
We can see that suit seems to focus more on its Kryptonian origins than previous suits. At this point, I'm OK with the suit. At first I was worried about the lack of trunks and how far we were getting away from the traditional here. But since we can see the suit up close, I can appreciate the departures since we're looking at something that came from another planet instead of from Ma Kent.

One final little tidbit of info for the day. Other set pictures showing Henry Cavill as Clark Kent have caused a bit of a stir, since Cavill hasn't been seen wearing glasses. By his dress and the filming location, it's a safe bet to say that these scenes take place in Smallville as opposed to Metropolis. That's a bit more understandable. Here's hoping they don't despense with Clark's trademark (though, admittedly silly, disguise.)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two in one day?!

Here's make up post #2 for the day. It's been online for a week or so now, but check out the freaky new trailer for The Woman in Black starrring Harry Potter.

Superman Underwear Update!

So after taking a nice long break, we're back in business. First up are set photos from The Man of Steel. The news stories have focused on the fact that it's a first look at one of the film's villians. That's great and all, from what we can see, she'll be wearing a cape. And look like she just left a KISS convention.
But what's sure to get the fanboys' panties (no pun intended) in a wad is the fact that Superman doesn't have any. The iconic red briefs are missing from Zac Snyder's version. The pictures aren't very clear on how the belt looks on its own, so we may have to reserve final judgement until we get a better shot.
Also, the pictures seem to reveal that the 'S' logo is based off of the (grossly underwhelming) Alex Ross version. Hopefully that's just the low resolution to blame.

(From the Superman Wiki)


(From Wikipedia)


Friday, August 5, 2011

First Look at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Hot on the tail of yesterday’s Superman reveal, Warner Brothers released the first picture of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. In typical Nolan fashion, it doesn’ t give away much detail, but still gets us excited.

(C) Warner Bros.
As expected, this take on Catwoman is more about function than look. It’s about a complete 180 from the previous on-screen version- Halle Berry’s nightmarish turn in 2004.
The new costume is obviously influenced by Jim Lee’s take, but with one obvious omission: cat ears. There’s nothing about the costume (as far as we can see) that makes us say there’s Catwoman. The goggles seem to flair up at the top corners, but it’s not too obvious. It’s interesting considering the fact that Batman got ears, and the topic of theatricality and criminals dressing up has been discussed in both previous film installments.
There’s already been fanboy talk that since the image is named Selina Kyle (Catwoman’s alter ego), we’re not seeing the full Catwoman costume. Spy pics from the set show the same costume. Although it appears that the scene being filmed is the one that shows up in the official pic. I guess time will tell.
The Dark Knight Rises comes out next July.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Look at New Superman

So we were recently treated to the first image of Henry Cavill as the new Superman. When I first found out that Zac Snyder would be directing the latest Superman flick, I was honestly a bit worried. (We’ll talk in more detail on this later) So finally a chance for Mr. Snyder to calm my fears. The good news is the picture doesn’t do anything to make me worry more about the project. The bad news is it doesn’t make me feel better either.
Let's analyze the image:

(c) Warner Bros.
Well the essential elements are there: red cape, blue suit, S-shield. The, umm, below the belt area is conveniently in shadow so we don’t have any info on the red undies status (a hot topic of fanboy debate). A few interesting details: Superman’s hair. It’s kinda …big? Maybe it’s the angle or something, but it seems like he’s rockin’ the Elvis do. Also, he seems to be missing his signature curl. i realize that it could look pretty forced and cheesy, but I think it could also be done naturally. I mean I'll be darned if I can ever get all my hair to stay in place. (Yes, I am nitpicking) The next thing that’s interesting to me is the choice of the S-shield. We don’t get a very good look at it, and when I first saw it I thought it reminded me of Jim Lee’s less than loved version of the symbol. When I got online and reminded myself what Jim Lee’s logo actually looked like, I realized it had more in common with the Earth-2 Superman shield. (Whatever that is)
One more thought. The picture overall is darker than what we’ve seen from Superman films. Now I realize that this is just a single image. It’s a dark bank vault, maybe he knocked the power out busting in like that. It’s a teaser image, so they don’t want to give everything way right off the bat. OK. I’ll reserve judgment for now. But I don’t want to see a dark Superman film. Sure, give me something different from every Superman movie we’ve seen since 1978. But dark isn’t the way to go. I’d say take the recent Captain America film as a guide. It took itself seriously, but wasn’t dark.
Well there’s still a lot of time before the 2013 release date, so here’s hoping the next pic will boost my confidence a bit more.


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