Thursday, August 25, 2011

Superman Underwear Update!

So after taking a nice long break, we're back in business. First up are set photos from The Man of Steel. The news stories have focused on the fact that it's a first look at one of the film's villians. That's great and all, from what we can see, she'll be wearing a cape. And look like she just left a KISS convention.
But what's sure to get the fanboys' panties (no pun intended) in a wad is the fact that Superman doesn't have any. The iconic red briefs are missing from Zac Snyder's version. The pictures aren't very clear on how the belt looks on its own, so we may have to reserve final judgement until we get a better shot.
Also, the pictures seem to reveal that the 'S' logo is based off of the (grossly underwhelming) Alex Ross version. Hopefully that's just the low resolution to blame.

(From the Superman Wiki)


(From Wikipedia)


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