Friday, September 2, 2011

New Superman Costume details.

So I've been posting alot about the upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel. I'm very interested in this project. Why? Because I'm honestly skeptical. I'm not a Zac Snyder fan and so I'm worried slightly. However, the project does have a lot of good going for it (strong cast, Christopher Nolan backing, script help from Dark Knight scribe Jonathon Nolan) so I'm fascinated to see where this ends up.
And right now is a good time to be interested. There have been lots of pictures coming from the set, the most important of which are some good close up shots of the new supersuit.
It was recently revealed that the new suit would not feature Superman's signature red "undies." And even more recenty, new pictures have surfaced online giving us a detailed look at the costume. Finally the speculation can end. Except that in all of these pictures, there's been a severe lack of cape (the portrait picture showing him with a cape has been photoshopped). I'm sure this is just because they're rehearsing, but some fanboys have already begun to speculate.
We can see that suit seems to focus more on its Kryptonian origins than previous suits. At this point, I'm OK with the suit. At first I was worried about the lack of trunks and how far we were getting away from the traditional here. But since we can see the suit up close, I can appreciate the departures since we're looking at something that came from another planet instead of from Ma Kent.

One final little tidbit of info for the day. Other set pictures showing Henry Cavill as Clark Kent have caused a bit of a stir, since Cavill hasn't been seen wearing glasses. By his dress and the filming location, it's a safe bet to say that these scenes take place in Smallville as opposed to Metropolis. That's a bit more understandable. Here's hoping they don't despense with Clark's trademark (though, admittedly silly, disguise.)